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With the purchase of a device, you will receive training with a certificate from an IHK-certified instructor.


Your basic training is done in our training center in Berlin - Miami - Houston or in your studio on site.



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Skin treatments with Beauty Laser SHR - IPL devices

Skin Rejuvenation



IPL is mainly used in beauty salons and applied on the face, even treatments on the décolleté are possible. It is used a certain wavelength range of the so-called xenon light in the form of small flashes. An applicator delivers these pulses directly to the skin. The skin tissue responds with a thermal reaction - with positive consequences, which could be proven in investigations.



Acne treatment


The special effect light of the IPL laser technology reacts with the acne bacteria: The porphyrin in the bacteria absorbs the light and ensures the formation of oxygen radicals. These destroy the acne bacteria. At the same time an anti-inflammatory process is triggered. In clinical studies with the IPL method, an improvement in the appearance of the skin could be demonstrated in all participants. Convince yourself of the tested effect!


Wrinkle treatment

Using IPL technology (xenon light) can gently treat age spots, wrinkles, weak tissue, cellulite and much more. With the technique, the skin of the face, neck and the entire body can be rejuvenated painlessly and effectively. The energy used is absorbed by the skin and blood vessels.

permanent hair removal

Beauty Laser SHR - IPL 

permanent hair removal

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